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Why Afghan Cyber

Why Customers Choose Afghan Cyber?

  • knowing the high competition of the market, both on services and prices we adjusted the system to be able to compete, services Provided by Afghan Cyber ISP is 100% dedicated guaranteed, the reason prices are reasonable, we have chosen a couple of first-hand satellite operators amongst hundreds for both efficiency and effectiveness.
  • Afghan Cyber Team is equipped with over a decade of experience in the relevant field.
  • Our Technical team works 24/7 X 365.
  • Regarding taxes, we pay taxes on behalf of our clients to The Afghan Government to avoid future hustle and concerns, other words all our prices are tax inclusive.
  • We are able to provide services such as C Band Ku band, Ka Band, Wireless, Microwave, Software, and hardware as well as this facility is a perfect place for your IT hospital to repair cooperate and governmental level IT products such as. Printers, Computers and all other peripherals as a one-stop shop and solution center.
  • We can provide an on-demand real-time MRTG graph to show precise usage report of the service speed.
  • Our Network Operation Center (NOC) / Call Center available to assist: 24x7x365.
  • Our fully trained technicians willing to travel throughout the country of Afghanistan without hesitation.

Afghan Cyber

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